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Blitz was made before content with the same name/idea in the main game.

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Blitz is A 2D rusher entity that moves at insane speeds.

Overview Appearance[]

Blitz resembles a large face with a gaping mouth and voided eyes, with a red glitchy effect making it difficult to see specific details. It is similar in appearance to Ambush, but even closer to A-90's Jumpscare face. it is surrounded by a black and dark-red aura with dots of white. In game, it has a red glow effect that marks when it is not safe to leave a closet (more info in strategy).

Behavior Behavior[]

Blitz will break every other light in the room upon his initial spawn. After about 4 seconds, he will fly through the room, killing any players who aren't hiding. After the initial spawn, he will come every other door 2-4 times. the last time, there will be a low, loud rumbling before he rebounds rapidly in the room, goes away for a second or two, and rebounds more, before de-spawning. He begins spawning more often at door 20, but can spawn all the way at door 8. He will stop spawning at door 44, but will start again at 52, and stop permanently at 88.

He may come at any time (8-40 seconds after the door is opened) during his 4-8 door long attack, even if you haven't opened a door or he spawned when entering that room. Before this happens, more lights may break or a bookshelf may fall.


  • He will not come during Seek's Crescendo, Door 50, or Greenhouse
    • If he is in his attack phase and one of these interrupts it, he will be despawned and will spawn guarantied afterward, with less doors to attack, with the final rebounds coming after 2-4 (except greenhouse)
  • He does not open doors.
  • He is faster than ambush and A-60 combined.
  • His raycasting lags behind him. This allows him to kill players despite him speeding past.
  • The (Canon) entities that can spawn during his attack are:
    • Eyes (only on off rooms)
    • Screech (uncommon)
    • Window
    • Shadow (only on off rooms)
    • Glitch
    • Dread (extremely rarely)
    • Dupe
    • Jack (blood room despawns blitz without a final rebound)
    • Hide
    • Timothy
    • Void
  • The crucifix does not work in the hotel, as blitz will escape similarly to seek or figure. In the factory, blitz will not escape, due to curious light's different approach of the crucifix attack.

Trivia Trivia[]

  • Multiple names were suggested for him, but blitz was settled on. Also, sorry for stealing the page name, MAMOOD!!!!11
  • Originally considered names include;

Puzzles Strategy[]

  • When you see every other light break, immediately run to and get into a hiding place.
    • You don't have time to wait for Blitz to arrive, as he comes way too fast to stall before hiding.
    • Depending on the distance of the necessary amount of hiding spots per player, the attack will be delayed slightly. Don't worry if you are going to survive or not if the nearest closet is on the other side of the room.
  • You can tell when it is safe to leave your closet when the red tinge fades from the room. this signifies that the raycasting, which lags slightly behind, is gone.
  • Be on guard for the next few rooms after the first attack. Immediately hide upon entering a room for about 5 seconds, and if Blitz does not attack, then you will be safe.
    • Note that Blitz can attack later than the expected 4 seconds, but there will be visual warnings such as breaking lights or bookshelves falling over.
  • The indicator for the final rebounds is a loud, low rumbling sound for the first 4 seconds, followed by the rapid rebounding. Have your ears open to make sure you know when the rebounds are coming
    • You will only get a little less than a second between him reaching the last door still loaded behind you and your room, so either get in and out of your closet fast, or just stay. During later doors (51+), Hide may get aggressive faster than the rebounds end, so be prepared to jump out and back in.

Behavior Death Messages[]

Guiding Light (Hotel)[]


  • You died to who you call Blitz...
  • When its arrival is immanent, hide immediately.


  • You died to Blitz again...
  • Whenever it nears, most lights will break.
  • When this happens, hide fast!

Third +[]

  • You seem to be struggling with Blitz...
  • It's speed will cause nearby lights to break.
  • When they break, hide quickly!

Final Rebounds[]

  • You almost escaped Blitz!
  • When you have survived too long, It will rebound rapidly.
  • When this happens, use what you've learned from Ambush!
  • Use time wisely and leave your hiding spot while it is gone!

Hide + Blitz Combo[]

  • You died to Blitz because you couldn't hide...
  • You don't need to hide until it is close.
  • You should be able to hide from Blitz that way.

Failed Crucifix[]

  • You died to Blitz...
  • It is too fast to contain with the crucifix, so hide once it is trapped!

Curious Light (Factory)[]


  • Welcome to this nonsensical place that I call the factory.
  • Well, considering you are dead, I guess you weren't welcome.
  • Huh? The fast one?
  • It shows up out of nowhere, so I guess you could call it Blitz?
  • . . . Huh? I've already called one Blitz?
  • Whatever. It should be easy to avoid. stay on guard.


  • Blitz again, huh?
  • It seems to like catching you off guard.
  • Remember to hide when half of the lights break!


  • You really enjoy dying to Blitz, huh.
  • It should be pretty easy to avoid, just stay on guard.
  • Watch for half of the lights breaking.

Final Rebounds[]

  • You almost escaped Blitz!
  • When it's fed up with you surviving, it will rebound rapidly.
  • You may need to get out of your spot while it is gone.


If you want to make icons for these, go ahead. Just know that they will be removed if i make one (or it sucks).[]

Unstoppable Force
Survive Blitz.

"What, just because it's not 3D doesn't that thing'll work!"
Die after using a crucifix on Blitz.

Immovable Object
"Slow Down!"
Crucify Blitz Successfully.

Storm Shelter
"What is going on up there?"
Survive Blitz's final rebounds by hiding in a basement room.